George Higgs is a composer and writer. His musical work includes opera, symphony, compositions for small ensemble, music for experimental theatre, work for installation and a number of HIGGSTRUMENTS which he has designed for the performance of certain compositions. His music has been performed across Ireland, in Russia and the United States and he has received numerous awards and honors including a grant from the Wellcome Trust, the Director's Prize from the Chamber Orchestra Kremlin, numerous Arts Council awards and a MacDowell Fellowship. He holds a PhD from Trinity College Dublin and is represented by the Contemporary Music Centre of Ireland.
His writing includes two novels, a straight play, hundreds of poems, 3 opera libretti, and scripts for his many musical installations. He is currently working on his third novel. _________________________________________________________





This album of 10 short and powerful instrumental pieces blends the textures of organ, piano, percussion, banjo and guitar with the lesser-known tones of the glass harmonica. Each song in this rich and imaginative collection has a distinctive character, ranging from the danceable and upbeat (Janet Dreams of Juniper) to the slow and plaintive (Songs My Father Never Heard). Between them you'll also find fairground tunes (The One and Only Magnifico), musical tales of adventure (The Great Salty Island), dark and brooding gems (Mindlessness), and even a suite of Covid Mutations (numbers 1 to 3).

There's a broad and exciting range of styles here . . . something for everyone.



Music in a 2 KM Radius
I was commissioned by an Arts Council Covid Response Award to compose a piece of music based on recordings I made within a 2 kilometre radius of my home in Ardmore, County Waterford, Ireland during lockdown in April, 2020. Like many, my family and I experienced our immediate environment with much greater intensity during that period. I hope the piece conveys my sense of this unique time, which seemed a monumental meeting between the global and the local.

Listen to "Music within a 2 Km Radius"

The sound of bird song and waves during lockdown. (photo Ansel Adams)

Arts Participation Project Award and Bursary for 2021
I've been awarded funding by the Irish Arts Council to experiment with making multisensory music with musicians using Irish Sign Language for release on Instagram and Tik Tok.
More information to follow soon.

The Irish Sign Language alphabet

Iím currently finishing my third novel. Entitled Kahoogaphone, itís based on a guerrilla opera I wrote and composed in 1999.

An early version of the The Kahoogaphone. (drawing by P Hannan)

Please refer to the 'works' section of this website for a comprehensive list of works, as well as audio and video samples of his work.