Up the Downbeat                                                                   15'
A symphony written for strings
woodwind, brass and percussion
for performance by
young musicians in Arklow
-commissioned by Wicklow County Council
and produced by the Contemporary Music Centre
under the per cent for art scheme on behalf of
Music Generation


The Lost and Found Sound Assembly                                      70'
6 song machinists assemble and perform on
a large musical instrument
of the composer's invention
all materials being sourced from
recycling centres
commissioned by Dublin City Public Arts Programme
Watch The Lost and Found Sound Assembly video


DOOR                                                            15'
2 musicians push a musical door around
a city, stopping periodically
to perform a musical composition
commissioned by The Arts Council
Watch 'DOOR' video


The Jimmy Rig Slip Jig                                      50'
6 song machinists assemble and perform on
a large musical instrument
of the composer's invention
commissioned by The Arts Council
The Jimmy Rig Slip Jig Workshop Performance at the Sensorium Festival

The Machine of Song                                      15'
A composition for an instrument
invented specifically for performance
by deaf ensemble
commissioned by The Arts Council's
Artist in the Community Scheme

The Machine of Song at the Contemporary Music Centre


The Electro Acoustic Journey of the Joculator     15'
for Joculator (an electro acoustic vehicle),
brass trio and the general public
commissioned by Temple Bar Cultural Trust


The Evolvaphone                                                  21'
a booth which generates a composition
according to the laws of natural selection
Programmed using Pure Data
commissioned by the WELLCOME TRUST
and the Arts Council

Head of Hamlet                                                  20'
an installation for music, light and vibrations
Programmed using Pure Data
funded by an Arts Council Project New Work Award

Music for Modern Animals                                  8'
3 hand cranked outdoor sculptures which
play a composition for telegraph and livestock orchestra
-funded by the Arts Council through Airfield Trust

The Idiot Box                                                        21'
music for boxes, lights and dancers


Bed of Macbeth                                                        25'
a tragedy for music cinema in 5 scenes
  Watch video excerpt of scene iv.

a=aght                                                                     2'44
tape piece using street sounds and young people's voices
commissioned by Jackie Summell


The Electro Acoustic Exchange                             25'
for 4 cellos, 8 speakers, 4 commodities and sine waves
  Watch video excerpt.

The Voyage of Particle H                                          12'
- the musical diary of a journey through a carbon atom
for orchestra and bass soloist

Music for Six-Legged Percussionists                     10'42
for houseflies and dungbeetles
(in lamps and cigar boxes respectively and respectfully)

Edible Music Recipe #1                                           4'10
for tape, speakers and rice

Who's There?                                                            16'40
for amplified door, two knockers, double bass,
electric guitar, clarinet, oboe, trombone and trumpet


W.V.H .                                                                       10'18
for string orchestra,
commissioned by Kremlin Chamber Ensemble
  Listen to audio excerpt.

Storm in a Teacup                                                     17'
sonata in three movements for piano,
electronics and teacup speakers

The Rainbow Death of Roy G Biv                           8'40
for chamber ensemble

Fatimaphone Suite                                                  8'30
for homemade dulcimer, samples
and trash cans on pulleys

The Callan Workhouse                                           7'20
for amplified table,
wooden blocks, sewage pipes, homemade dulcimer
and live electronics
Commissioned by the Butler Gallery

Scenes from an Invisible Play                               1'
short piece for solo double bass

Music for an Invisible Play in 9 scenes               21'58
for string quartet

The Dragonfly Dreams It's a Moose                    8'40
for saxophone ensemble

Symphony of Invisible Sound                               22'50
in 10 movements for full orchestra
(transcribed for wind ensemble)

The Famine Dance                                                  4'
for string orchestra
winner of the Director's Prize Mozart 250

  Listen to recording.


The Shelfless Sonata                                             16'
for piano in four movements

Brass Picnic                                                            18'
for mobile outdoor brass ensemble
4 quartets (hn, tpt, tr, tb)

The Workhouse Sonata                                        19'52
for string trio (vn,vla,vc) and three voices (S,A,B)


Hongongalongalo; an opera without words       90'
for female choir and orchestra
4 stars from the Irish Times
  Listen to audio excerpt of "The Vowel Chorus" (from Hongongalongalo).


Dreaming Dog                                                            4'02
tape piece

Baghdad Rag                                                            4'18
tape piece for B4 organ
  Listen to audio excerpt.


Suicide of Miss Understood;                                 80'
a guerrilla opera with 3 commercials
for choir, soloists and rock band


Kahoogaphone; a guerrilla opera in 2 acts       90'
for 3 singers and small ensemble
  Listen to audio excerpt of "God is Bored"(from Kahoogaphone).


3 pieces                                                                   7'
for cello and guitar

Dog is Dead                                                              80'
a play in two acts
(for 3 actors)


about 200 songs                                                     600'